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Among the newcomers in the Wide product range, we find Wide SP-EB. It is a high-efficiency air intake grid with heating cable, designed to prevent the air supply from failing in winter! Also, it is very effective against rain and fog.

Our customers in the building ventilation industry will recognize the good characteristics of the predecessor Wide SP-E. SP-EB, however, has a more favorable price than Wide SP-E.

SP-EB is produced in seawater-resistant aluminum, a non-rusting material.
Wide SP-EB can be delivered in a lacquered design.

A special technique developed by WIDE ensures the energy economy by keeping the heat where it gives the best effect.

Correct dimensioning starts with airflow information. Our representatives can provide an assessment of the optimal airspeed in each case. For dimensioning VAV facilities, airflow is based on a typical operating situation.
The recommended working area is from 2 to 2.5 m/s.

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For over 20 years we have delivered quality products adapted to "on and off shore". Extensive testing in-house and very good feedback from the market makes Wide's ventilation products a safe choice.

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