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For ventilasjonsristmål, lufthastighet og trykkfall se vår kalkulator



Wide Industries is the supplier of air intake systems, ideal for anywhere rain, fog, snow, and ice can occur. Using "standardized tailoring", we optimize the air intake to meet increasingly extreme and demanding weather conditions.

Our ventilation louvers are installed as the first stage of an air intake system. The ventilation louver have vertical vanes which ensure high efficiency while providing a low pressure drop and sound levels. The ventilation louver has an integrated drip tray, ensuring that collected water is drained from the air inlet. The ventilation louvers are available in seawater-resistant aluminum, square, or any other shape.

When further filter protection is required, we offer our Wide DropSafe filters. Wide DropSafe was developed in collaboration with Filtrair. It has a water-repellent surface that collects water and salts and drains it through a patented waterproof bottom. The Wide DropSafe filter filtration level can be adapted to each situation and needs.

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