Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we receive most often.

Yes, the ventilation louver is corrosion resistant. It is manufactured of seawater-resistant aluminum AA6063T6. This material has been used in our ventilation louvers and the offshore industry for more than 20 years. If needed, we also supply ventilation louvers in stainless steel AISI 316.

The delivery time on our ventilation louvers are 2-4 week from received approval on drawings, sometimes less, depending on the number and size.

For flush assembly: The ventilation louver's installation dimensions equal the light opening in the wall minus 10 mm (width) x 10 mm (height). With this installation technique, only the flange is visible on the wall. The depth of the ventilation louver is 122 mm including the flange, which is 5 mm. The standard flange width is 55 mm. Flange width can be delivered with widths from 85 mm to flangeless. The ventilation louver can also be delivered with a double flange. With flange at the back, a flange on the duct can be screwed directly onto the ventilation louver. The vent grille's light opening is the width of the ventilation louver minus 80 mm (40 + 40 mm). The height is the height of the ventilation louver minus 135 / 108 mm for the type "B" (40+95 / 68 mm for "B").

The ventilation louver stops 100% of rain for speeds between 0 and 6 m/s and up to 100% of fog for velocity above 2.0 m/s. For speeds up to 2.5 m/s, ventilation louvers stop up to 60-80% of snow, depending on the type of snow. Dry snow is most difficult to stop entirely. Wide DropSafe filter is made to stop the remaining snow that the louver cannot stop. This filter provides only15-20 Pa in pressure drop. The filter has a water-repellent surface that prevents fog at low speeds and snow from passing. The ventilation louvers can be delivered with a self-regulating heating cable that prevents snow, ice, and sub-cooled rain from attaching to the ventilation louver. The ventilation louvers exceed the requirements of EN13030 class A (water discharge) and class 1 (pressure drop) by a large margin.

Yes, Wide's ventilation louver with self-regulating heating cable comes with an ATEX certificate for use in Zone II. The ventilation louver can also be delivered with different types of ATEX approved junction boxes. The ventilation louvers can be delivered with earth boss as well as galvanically insulated flange and mounting bolts.

Wide's delivery program includes ventilation louvers for returns, roof caps, combi louvers, intake towers, as well as intake louvers for air speeds up to 10 m/s. We can deliver ventilation louvers in all geometric shapes.

Wide can deliver drawings in 2D or 3D. Wide's ventilation louvers are available at MagiCAD Revit.

Wide ventilation louvers are certified in accordance with EN13030 by the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. Our ventilation louvers meet class "A", the best class for water discharge and according to class «1», the best class for pressure drop. To achieve class A for water discharge, the ventilation louver should stop more than 99% of rain. Wide ventilation louver stops 100% of rain. In addition, Wide's ventilation louver stops up to 100% of the fog for airspeeds above 2 m/s. The EN 13030 criteria do not include fog.

To achieve class 1 pressure drop, the maximum permissible pressure drop is at 2 m/s, approx. 15 Pa, and for 3 m/s, approx. 35 Pa. The pressure drop for Wide's ventilation louver type SP has a pressure drop of 13 and 27 Pa, respectively.

Wide’s ventilation louver, type SP-E, comes with ATEX certificate issued by Presafe for Ex e IIC T5 and T6 Gb. The certificate includes the ventilation louver with self-regulating heating cable, with or without earth boss and breather plug, and optionally hard plastic or acid-resistant stainless-steel junction box. The certificate also includes the Wide DropSafe Filter.

Yes, Wide can meet both categories I, II, and III. Wide's ventilation grate type ME and SP meet the single requirements set to category III. To meet the requirements set to category II, use Wide ME or SP in combination with Wide DropSafe with filtering grade M5. For category I, use Wide DropSafe with filtering grade F7.

Yes, Wide's louvers are FG approved and can be supplied both as nose and flush with an RC3 or RC4 certificate, according to NS1627. The largest panel width is from 240 mm to 5000 mm and panel height from 240 mm to 232 mm. For Wide SP-E, the maximum height is approx. 1500 mm. For external installation, NOSE, the height is at least 1200 mm.

Wide's ventilation grates have been used by Statoil/Equinor for more than 20 years. The product meets all relevant requirements for ventilation louvers according to TR1562.