About Wide: Who, what, where?

Wide Industries was established in 1996 by Jørn Watvedt as an engineering company with special expertise in water drop technology. From the beginning, the company's main product was air intake systems, the product family consisting of ventilation louvers and filters for installation on outer walls

With what was probably Europe's most advanced testing laboratory, the Wide louver is the market's most efficient ventilation louver. The ventilation louver is patented.

In 2017, Jørn Watvedt sold Wide Industries to Kristine Degnes. Kristine is currently the company's general manager/CEO and principal owner.

Wide's goal is to mechanically stop 100% of rain and fog with the lowest possible pressure drop. Noise level has also been important. Our products stop 100% of rain, and at speeds over about 2 m/s, up to 100% of fog. Pressure drop and noise levels are very low.

In 2018, Wide had a turnover of NOK 24 million. The largest customer groups are the building ventilation industry and offshore industry.

One of Wide's largest projects: ventilation louvers with ATEX heating cable and filter are being picked up for Johan Castberg.

Ventilation louver with ATEX heating cable for 245,000 m2/h delivered to Equinor. 

Wide's ventilation louvers with heating cables mounted on the West Mira.

Wide delivers ventilation louvers in 4 product series. They are: ME, SP, BL2 and SP-E.

-ME (B) is used for maximum efficiency, for air speed up to 6 m/s.
-SP (B) is used where pressure drops and low noise levels are important, for speed up to 6 m/s.
-BL2 is used for air velocity in ranges 6 to 12 m/s.
-SP-E (B) includes heating cables that prevent snow and ice from blocking the air intake (with ATEX type approval).

Wide Industries is located in a modern production/office building in Rakkestad. With Rakkestad as a base, Wide has good connections to the market via trucks, railway, and airlines.

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Good to know

Stopping 100.00% of rain

No. 1 in Norway on outer wall ventilation louvers

"Proven technology" from on/offshore use for more than 25 years

Produced in seawater-resistant aluminum - 100% recyclable