Ventilation louvers

Burglarproof and/or vandal resistant ventilation louver

Wide’s ventilation louvers have vertical vanes. The main function of the vanes is to prevent rain, moisture and snow from passing through the louver. The design of the vanes also makes Wide’s air intake demisters vandal resistant. 

Ventilasjonsristene har “lav motstand”, både for luft inn og luft ut. Cd for luft ut / utløp for Wide ME er 0,437.

The ventilation louver is delivered in “all” sizes and shapes, if needed with an anti-insect mesh at the back. The ventilation louver is top-class when it comes to water penetration and pressure drop, as described in EN 13030 Class 1 (water penetration) and A (pressure drop), tested by a third-party laboratory. 

Wide’s ventilation louvers also stop moisture at velocities above 2 m/s.

Wide’s ventilation louvers can be delivered as burglarproof, either as RC3 or PC4, in accordance with EN 1627:2001.
The louver is tested and certified by SBSC and has received the FG approval. 

Our burglarproof and vandal resistant ventilation louvers can also be delivered with self-regulating heating cables to prevent snow and/or ice from attaching to the louver.

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Vandal resistant ventilation louver

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For over 20 years we have delivered quality products adapted to "on and off shore". Extensive testing in-house and very good feedback from the market makes Wide's ventilation products a safe choice.

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