EN 1627 certified louvers and air intake systems

EN 1627 certified louvers

Wide has worked through solutions to achieve the highest possible resistance class against burglary. These solutions have been tested at relevant third-party test institutes, for “simulated break-ins,” mechanical and dynamic tests, and classified by test results.

Our burglary resistant louvers are certified with the EN 1627 standard . 

EN 1627

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About wide

Wide Industries is the supplier of air intake systems, ideal for anywhere rain, fog, snow, and ice can occur. Using “standardized tailoring”, we optimize the air intake to meet increasingly extreme and demanding weather conditions.

Our ventilation louvers are installed as the first stage of an air intake system. The ventilation louver have vertical vanes which ensure high efficiency while providing a low pressure drop and sound levels. The ventilation louver has an integrated drip tray, ensuring that collected water is drained from the air inlet. The ventilation louvers are available in seawater-resistant aluminum, square, or any other shape.

When further filter protection is required, we offer our Wide DropSafe filters. Wide DropSafe was developed in collaboration with Filtrair. It has a water-repellent surface that collects water and salts and drains it through a patented waterproof bottom. The Wide DropSafe filter filtration level can be adapted to each situation and needs.

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Some of our customers/projects

We have customers all over the world and in every industry. 

Building ventilation

Building ventilation

Wide Industries is a proud supplier of air intake grids to the Norwegian Opera, the Norwegian Parliament, and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

We deliver everything from small intake grids at the size of A4 sheets, up to large projects where the air intake covers large parts of the wall.

Offshore oljerigg


We have delivered ventilation systems to the offshore market since the mid-nineties.

Our customers cover a wide range, from large multinational companies like Equinor to small local entrepreneurs who build our products and solutions into their projects.

Ships and marine

Around the world, there are a wide number of ships with Wide’s air intakes. For example, New York Water Taxi, coast guard ships, cruise ships, and life support boats use our solution, where a heating cable ensures open-air intake – even in arctic regions.

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For over 25 years we have delivered quality products adapted to “on and off shore”. Extensive testing in-house and very good feedback from the market makes Wide’s ventilation products a safe choice.

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